Think about this

(Jesus Speaking)
When you have to approach someone who is intimidating, take a second and think about what their life might be like under the surface. You might hear Me whisper something like this to your heart: “That important businessman might give off a cold or uninterested air when you approach him, but he has a hard time at work because there are other companies that threaten his. He has trouble paying the bills. His marriage is on the rocks, his kids are having problems, and to top it off, he doesn’t believe in an afterlife. So he does a job he hates day after day, and for him, this is his life. There is no going home to have fun, no knowing that it’s all for a reason, no understanding that the difficult things in life will bring good in the end. For him, worry, pain, distant family relationships, and kids in troubleare life. That’s it. So can you forgive his hard exterior and understand how much he needs Me—even though he doesn’t know it yet?”

I believe ...

I believe you can't be whole if you’ve never been broken. I believe it’s living a lie if you don’t tell the truth will hurt to be told, yet defines everything. I don’t believe you can truly know what it’s liked to be loved by Jesus until you’ve tried to make yourself happy with just about everything else.

It really hurts. It can take years you feel were wasted once you realize you slept through them. It might make you lose everything you hold dear. It’s pure agony knowing every day what the right choices are, and only making them half the time. But those moments, oh those moments, when it all pays off, and you feel more love than is humanly possible when he says “I love you regardless”. Don’t give up. Don’t run away from him. Don’t try making yourself happy with anything else in this world, you know it won’t help.

A total must!

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Which is more worth it?

Jesus: The way of the true disciple is to give all to Me, knowing that this life is short by comparison to the heavenly rewards that are awaiting. Trust fully in My love for you, knowing that I give what is best for you, and that which will make you happy.

Making choices in life can be tough, but this quote really helped give me an out-of-the-blue peek at the big picture. Think of the following comparisons ...

- Do something you really feel like doing right now but shouldn't do, and feel good for a short time now OR do something you don't feel like doing right now, and feel good for eternity because of it.
- Endure hardness for what seems like forever in this life and be eternally grateful for lesson learned OR weasel out now and regret eternally you missed such a good cost for value trade.
- Love and lose, or never love at all.

My mind's taking a trip into eternity for more comparisons ...

For the want of a shoe ...

This post has nothing to do about shoes. It's just a lament of sorts, lamenting how I'm a bad blogger, and becoming poor in my writing. Yes, lamenting is a sin, so skip this if you wish, but you'll understand in the end if you read on.

You see, I've come to discover that there are three things essential to outstanding writing: practice, passion, and necessity. And the thing is, these are three things I sorely lack at the moment. And it's the same for life in a sense. Think it over and I'm sure you'll find many similarities. ... Thought about it? Found them? Good!

So how one can add passion, repetition of good practices, and urge into life? If you've had any experiences with this, pray tell, for it would be a great help to know how to add the fervor of someone driving an ailing relative to the hospital, or the creative insanity of someone hopelessly in love, or the concentration and determination of an Olympic contender.

Like how can these moments of brilliance light up our skies at times purely out of the blue, but not be called upon at most times. There must be combination.

It's worth it!

You know I realize something at this exact moment. I just watched one of those typical movies that made me think, and its 1:51 in the morning, and this virtual page was so invitingly empty, and I just want to say this before the moment fades and I have to try to recreate what I feel right now, a collage of my past, present and future emotions mixed with emotions loaned to me on a one-night loan from this movie.

In this movie there’s a mother dying of cancer; typically sentimental. Suddenly the mood in the air is one inviting real touching love, forgiveness, deep thought and reflection, lives changed and broken bridges mended, and an Oscar for the screenwriter.

I hope the above didn’t sound sarcastic, because I liked the movie very much, and I liked being left with this thought. Why does it take disturbing medical terms, and long moments of scary silence, and fear of remorse, and telephones ringing with an unusual pierce to make us realize what we should realize every day? To realize that that’s paper you’re holding in your hand, with numbers and printed signatures to make you respect it. To realize it’s not worth trading the satisfaction of winning an argument for even 5 minutes of another’s agony. To realize what’s really worth it.

In the end, the sickness passes, the mother lives, and life goes on, and someone who left town for two months would see no difference on the outside. But they are in fact forever changed.

I’m thankful for those agonizing moments, when I feel my hearts is like a shattered windshield, and I feel every bit of strength has been ripped from me, and I want to write off my whole life up to that moment as a disaster. Because unlike these ones who have to rely solely on willpower and inner resolve to make those constructive choices and can only hope their lives turn out to have a picturesque plot, I have Jesus, who always brings me back together again, and looks at the tiny cubes of glass on the asphalt and smiles as they twinkle at him, picks them up, takes them home, and creates a stain glass window.

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How to be popular

I was asked the other morning to appreciate one of the babies, who's just a few months old. I thought of it a little, not really prepared as most people are when asked to appreciate someone else. When I Lily (the kid), I thought of smiles and cuddliness. But when I really thought of it, I realized that actually Lily makes everyone around her feel special. You feel so wonderful that you can make her smile, that you can light up her whole face in fact. You feel awesome that she's listening to you, that she likes you, that she's interested in what you have to offer. And above all, she only responds to love, and isn't that the best connection you can have with someone?
We should be like babies sometimes, just so happy with giving and receiving love, happy to make the other person feel needed. Ì wouldn't hurt, as I don't think there's anyone who's popularity can be envied more than Lily.

Quotes from The Notebook

Stumbled over one of my favorite books online today and was skimming through it. Here's a few favorite passages, no reason, no significance ... it's nice when it's like that isn't it? When passages just speak to you, lift one side of your smile.

And with every kiss, with every breath, she felt herself, every responsibility, every facet of her life, slipping away.

I am a common man with common thoughts , and I've led a common life. There are no monuments dedicated to me and my name will soon be forgotten. But I've loved another with all my heart and soul, and to me, this has always been enough.

Blogging, a year on.

A year ago my blog died. Like a man deep into old age, with no more reason to live then to rarely show that he still had a little love to give, it gave one last breath and slipped into oblivion.

Rebirth is here.

Why? I don't know. Perhaps leaving too many thoughts left to conglomerate the mind is bad practice, and I'm feeling the effects of it, perhaps sometimes I just want to be heard, perhaps I just wonder why I DON'T blog.

But in any case, expect it to be typically me. Overly expressive sentences and perhaps a little too much of me spilled out on occasion, but I believe in the power of writing, "it catches a man in the perfect mood, for it only speaks when he is reading".

I'll be keeping posts short, agreeably so, so grab my RSS if you wish. And for those who read my blog regularly before, sorry for being away.

I missed you too.